Two Hundred Years Ago

If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God.
(The Epistle of Jacob 1:2)

TWO HUNDRED YEARS AGO, a brilliant light broke forth
Among those who sat in darkness, even a fullness of Christ’s gospel.
They received not the light and came under God’s condemnation.
Their hearts were turned away from Christ because of precepts of men.

The Lord withdrew His servants, Hyrum and Joseph.
The Restoration languished — the heavens brass for generations.
In wisdom and in mercy, now God sets His hand again
To restore His house and family and return the natural fruit.

His work will vindicate the promises He made
To the righteous, ancient Fathers who looked down and saw this day.
For the ancient Fathers’ sake, He accepted our repentance.
He removed His condemnation and determined to labor with us.

As beneficiaries now, allowed to participate.
Let us cry to Him to teach us how to live in peace together.
Let us each receive His fullness–
For The Heavens Are Open Again.