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Tim is a computer technology professional providing desktop support, network administration and systems management in the Small and Medium Business market. After twelve years, he recently retired as the IT Director for a private corporate jet management company located at the Burbank Bob Hope airport. He began his career as a programmer but switched to tech support many years ago. Tim is married, has one adult son, and is very active in his local community church. He spent two years in Central America as a missionary. He enjoys hiking, reading, research, writing, correspondence and has a special interest in alternative medicine and events of the last days. You can find him online every day on various internet communities and blogs, especially in the tech area. He maintains three blogs online, one on technology, one on current events and one on health research.

Welcome! Welcome!

The Spring 2020 Conference took place Sunday 22 March 2020. Here is the link to view the conference replay directly on YouTube: (Starts at 13:20)

Denver Snuffer: The Heavens Are Open (And Therefore we have Work to do).

Jeff Savage: Acting With the Lord’s Providence. Are we free to do our part?

And here is a link to Denver’s paper

Youth Gospel Question and Answer Session

Adrian’s breakout session on the Stick of Joseph and the Marvelous Work can be viewed at this link on YouTube.

A Tour of Scriptures.Info.

From The Children’s Committee

Though we will have to wait to gather together in person to fellowship, learn, and rejoice in what the Lord has done and is doing, we want to share our enthusiasm, gratitude, and love for the Lord and what He has made available and open to us through the life of Joseph Smith, and in our day, by making available the fun activities, significant lessons, and other resources that were created for your children, included in the accompanying pdf.   We hope you will find joy and have fun as a family as you include these meaningful activities in your celebration of the 200th anniversary of Joseph Smith’s first vision this weekend – or anytime.  May we continue to be filled with gratitude and praise for the Lord as we ponder upon all that He is doing now to help each one of us to know and receive Him and to keep the covenant to become His people.

As a committee, this has been and is continuing to be such a beautiful gift and blessing to be involved in the planning of this children’s conference. Thank you all for your prayers and contributions toward this effort.  We are grateful and give glory to God for all of it.  ‘Til we meet again…God bless you and your families as you cleave unto Christ and focus upon Him during these times and always.  

EmojiThe Children’s Committee