Randy Ripplinger
Sacred Geography of the West

This is a two-part visual presentation displaying the sacred physical and spiritual connections of Native American tribes to the lands in the West where they dwell.
Pulling from common remnants of their many cultural traditions, from the physical locations of their tribes and from the ruins found there, the presenter seeks to demonstrate how these people were led to where they dwell in the West.
The presenter will show how the Kokopelli image represents a real living being present in nature rather than something used to sell merchandise. The presenter will demonstrate how Kokopelli directed the original people of this land.
In part- two the presenter will show how the image of the Kokopelli is present in the constellations of the Zodiac and the contours of the Milky way.

Susie AAgard
Presentation and discussion

There is only one way to obtain forgiveness for every wrong we have ever done. From page 231 in Come Let Us Adore Him: “Blessed are the merciful, for they will always obtain mercy. More blessed are those who love, for God is love. To obtain perfect charity, however, a man must make intercession for those who offend him…[Christ] wants us to go beyond merely forgiving others. Through intercession on behalf of our enemies, we not only learn to understand Him, we also learn to be like Him.

Robert And Quintina Adolpho
Reconciling Variety And Chaos
Presentation and Discussion

Variety seems like chaos to those who love order. And order feels like a dictator to those who value variety. When order and variety are reconciled, those who are reconciled can exist in a state of rest and abundance. However, without the reconciliation of variety and order, peace cannot exist, and destruction and desolation are inevitable ends. There are always two sides to every story. Interpretation produces a perfect test to those who seek Zion.

Adrian Larsen
The Stick of Joseph in the Hand of Ephraim
Presentation and Discussion

This breakout will discuss some of the history behind the writing of the Stick of Joseph in the Hand of Ephraim which has been recently published. We will also discuss the book’s purpose in introducing the Book of Mormon as a rabbinical narrative and a prophetic covenant to the remnant of Judah.

Blain and Christina Saunders
Connecting to the Heavens
Presentation and Discussion

There are many examples in the scriptures of those who connected with heaven. We will explore their various experiences: their desires; their daily walk; their challenges and achievements. This will be an open discussion. Please prepare to look inward so you can look upward.
Scriptural References:
T&C 82:27-28
NC 1 Nephi 1:2,9
NC 1 Nephi 3:5-6
NC 1 Nephi 5:25
NC Enos 1
T&C 93: 1,7-8
T&C 69: 10-11
OC Genesis 4:7-10

Brenda Nelson
Understanding body symbolism for healing
Presentation and Discussion

Just as the temple is rich is symbolism, our temple (body) is also full of symbolism, as we see in scripture, i.e. the bowels of mercy or the eye is the light of the body. These symbols can inform us in our journey back to wholeness and healing as we recognize what our body parts can represent and then our part in creating dis-ease. God’s pattern of creating all things spiritually first and then physically can be applied to us as we create all things spiritually first with our thought life. Thoughts are given power through our e-motions and then begin to manifest in our physical reality. As a man thinketh, so is he. By understanding body symbolism we can have clues in identifying what we have created in our physical reality and therefore be able to ask better questions in prayer.

Chris Park
Release Yourselves From Bondage:
A Step Toward Zion and Consecration
Presentation and Discussion

Last conference we were told “Consecration will eventually follow, but like everything that is distant and above this fallen world, it is not a single step. It is a stepped process that cannot be done in haste, nor in a single instant.” In order to go forward, we must go backward. Joseph covenanted with the Lord, “That if the Lord will prosper us in our business, and open the way before us that we may obtain means to pay our debts, that we be not troubled nor brought into disrepute before the world nor his people, that after that, of all that he shall give us, we will give a tenth, to be bestowed upon the poor in his church, or as he shall command…”
This class will discuss some of the important aspects of this first step toward living the law of consecration and the building up of Zion.
T&C 1:17:9
Matt. 9:15-17
Deut. 5:6
JS Journal, 29 November 1834
T&C 50:7
4 Nephi
Layton Conference, September 2018 Q&A with Denver
T&C 131:4
T&C 50:7
T&C 101:17
Wilford Woodruff Journal 9 April 1837
T&C 26
T&C 31
T&C 78:3
2 Kings 2:6
T&C 133:1
Dave Ramsey Baby Steps

David Christensen
Seeing Chiasmus in all things
Presentation and Discussion

Seeing the Unseen: Discovering God’s pattern of chiasmus in all things.
Uncover and see God’s pattern of chiasmus throughout the scriptures (as well as in art, literature, music, even the human body). As all things testify of Christ, recognizing and understanding this pattern adds depth and breadth to our testimony of Jesus Christ. Search and discover this beautiful pattern of God with new eyes.

Special Guest Instructor
The Stick of Joseph through Jewish Eyes, Parts 1 and II

Ezekiel prophesied of two “sticks” connected with the restoration of the House of Israel. Though we may all think we understand this prophecy, it takes on significant new meaning when considered from the Jewish perspective, and compared with related early texts and commentary.
This class will trace Ezekiel’s prophecy through its connection to Zenos’s allegory, finally bringing it all together within Jeremiah’s promise of a “New Covenant” to come in the last days.
This deep-dive into sacred texts will be presented by a special guest Jewish scholar who specializes in Hebrew and Aramaic scripture.
This topic will be 2 parts. Each session will cover different material. You may choose to attend only one of the two sessions, but it is only half the intended information.

Jeff Carter
Healing Through The Atonement
Presentation and Discussion

The atonement is to provide a path for us to return to Father’s presence. That is only accomplished through obedience, sacrifice, and repentance. In addition, repentance is the means through which we are healed of all thoughts, attributes, attitudes, deficiencies, traditions, emotions, short comings, and ailments that keep us from being like Christ.
Alma 5:3 RE
Matthew 4:7 RE
Isaiah 14:5 RE

Paul Kittleson
Sharing One Another’s Burdens

This is a breakout session to discuss how burdens can be shared with one another.
What is the definition of a burden? Using scriptural examples, a discussion of physical, emotional, and the burdens of sins.
Review of the baptismal covenant and the 2017 Boise covenant.
Common challenges in sharing individual burdens and in lifting the burdens of others.
Discussion of various techniques on lifting the burdens of another.
Mosiah 9:7-8 – Covenant of baptism
T&C 158:4 – 2017 Boise Covenant
Galatians 1:23 – Law of Christ
Mosiah 2:4 – Danger of not lifting burdens when opportunity afforded
T&C 54:4 – Do not counsel your fellow man
Alma 14:17 – How to rebuke those who boast of their own strength of burden lifting
T&C 139:8, Ether 5:5, Denver’s 10 talks (economy) – Why we have burdens
Matthew 3:30 – What to do when someone lifts your burden incorrectly, or offensively
(video link) Brene Brown on why empathy is equality and sympathy is inequality
Optional scriptures
2 Corinthians 1:27 – Equality removing burdens
Mosiah 11:9, T&C 161:13 – Example of Lord lightening burdens
Alma 16:32 – After seed culmination, a mystery burden

Nancy Genys
Teaching your Children to Honor God
Presentation and Discussion

Teaching our children to honor God is the first instruction given to the covenant people of the Lord. In this breakout session we will explore the “who, what, when, why and how” to accomplish this command. It will encompass practical approaches to strengthen, unify and hopefully convert. Without our children being converted, there is no hope for Zion.

Tricia Reynolds
Spiritual Warfare
Presentation and Discussion

A man must have the discerning of spirits before he can drag into daylight this hellish influence and unfold it unto the world in all its soul-destroying, diabolical, and horrid colors; for nothing is a greater injury to the children of men than to be under the influence of a false spirit when they think they have the Spirit of God. –Joseph Smith
If people cannot discern, then they will need to learn from sad experience to choose between good and evil, perhaps only coming to understand after their destruction in this world. -Denver Snuffer

It is imperative that we not only know our enemies that rule in darkness, but that we know how to bind and cast them out with God’s power by first putting on His armor, developing a keen discernment and casting out fear with His perfect love.
We may then, “come off conqueror” (D&C 10:5) and win the battle in which we are all enlisted as a Covenant people ready to bring forth Zion.
Ephesians 6:12: “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

Marv Bateman, Paul Durham, White Eagle, John and Claudia Keyworth and Others
Approaching the Remnant
Presentation in panel format

Since the covenant was offered in Boise and accepted by many people, there has been a lingering question in regards to one of the conditions of the covenant to assist in helping the remnant. Many have asked how do we do that? A panel of native Americans as well as others who have worked with various tribes will present aspects of tradition that are critical to understand and how to gain trust within tribal communities.

Brett and Samantha Corbridge
The Covenant and your Loved Ones
Presentation and Discussion

If you are a little confused or discouraged about how to assist your spouse or loved ones who are not in the covenant, or if you just feel trapped in your current situation, please know the Lord can orchestrate us through these complicated challenges. At this sacred moment in time, He continues to provide eternal guidance within His Holy Word. If you feel led by the Spirit to join us, please come and contribute to this teaching and conversation. There is a way.
RE Moroni 7:9
Love Others as Yourself by Stephanie Snuffer
Keep the Covenant, Do the Work by Denver Snuffer
Unequally Yoked by Bret and Samantha Corbridge

Edwin Wilde
Because Thou Knowest These Things:
Becoming Called, Chosen and Faithful
Presentation and Discussion

In the Lectures on Faith we are taught that in order to exercise faith we must have a correct understanding of God’s character, attributes and perfections. It’s easy to assume that this suggestion only implies reading through the lectures and agreeing with the Christ-like attributes discussed therein. Yet, the common refrain from the Lord to be Called, Chosen and Faithful suggests there is much more to this principle the Lord is attempting to teach us through Joseph’s lectures. “Called, Chosen and Faithful” contains a recipe wherein we for ourselves can rise up, and know, as the Brother of Jared knew, so that we can make an acceptable sacrifice to the Lord, and exercise great faith.

Vern and Whitney Horning
“If Any Lack Wisdom, Receiving Revelation for Ourselves.”
Presentation and Discussion

To hear God’s voice and receive revelation can be a challenge. We are all unique and must strive to figure out how God speaks to us, otherwise we can live a lifetime without ever conversing with Him. The word revelation is Latin and means “to draw back a veil, or to unveil.” When seeking revelation, we open ourselves to both the Light, as well as deceiving voices. God does not leave us to wander alone, He has given us key principles which can help us to discern and discover truth.
The Epistle of Jacob 1:2
The Revelation of John 1:20
2 Nephi 12:6
Alma 3:8
3 Nephi 5:15
3 Nephi 8:8
JSH 13:11, 21
T&C 10:4
T&C 26:16
T&C 93: 1
T&C 138:18
The Testimony of St. John 3:4
Denver Snuffer blog April 30, 2010 “Communication from the Lord”
A Glossary of Terms: “Revelation,” “Oracle,” and “Testing the Spirits”

James Fargo
Lo Here & Lo There: Honoring the 200th Anniversary of Joseph Smith’s First Visitation Amid the Context of Its and Our Day
Presentation and Discussion

The purposes of this session are to: 1) Commemorate the 200th Anniversary of Joseph Smith’s First Visitation and the dawning of the Restoration; 2) Understand how the religious and spiritual context in which the Restoration emerged in the early 1800’s provided challenges to its recipients in terms of fully grasping its import and destiny; and 3) Explore how, despite today’s advantages, similar challenges face those participating in the unfolding Restoration and how those challenges might be overcome.