BEHOLD, Your Little Ones


You, to be competent in teaching your children, must first have the Holy Ghost as your guide. Then, once you have that, you ought to have familiarity with the scriptures, just as Hyrum was told to first learn what was in them before trying to teach others. Then you are qualified to go and teach your children, and you have an obligation to do that. Children are the means to preserve Zion. Without the conversion of children, Zion has no chance of surviving. (Denver Snuffer, Jr. – Podcast #70 “Effective Study – Part 2”)

Our Vision:  To provide a safe, cheerful, and loving environment for children to learn, apply, and grow in principles of light and truth and increase faith in and connection with Christ.  They will have opportunities to practice loving-kindness, respect and cooperation while creating and enjoying synergistic relationships and lasting friendships.

WE HAVE A NEED!!!.…………………..WILL YOU HELP???!!!!!
We are in NEED of 2 moms, aunts, grandmas….(women) to help with leading the children’s activities. If you volunteer, this will mean that you are volunteering for the ENTIRE children’s conference on Saturday from 10:00 – 11:30 AND 1:00 – 4:50. You will be placed with a leader who is knowledgeable about the schedule and activities and who will help you understand the vision, theme, and overall and specific purposes of the children’s break-out sessions. You will not be expected to bring or do anything before the conference, but will need to be focused in leading and guiding the children, with the other leader in your group, throughout the day of the conference. If you are thinking about helping but do not want to miss the break-out sessions, know that the sessions will be recorded. If you have any questions or desire (or feel inspired) to volunteer, please text/call Nikki Sair @ 435.236.9635 or D.D. Black @ 435.229.7098 A.S.A.P. Thank you!!!

Dear Parents,
We are looking forward to this upcoming conference & all the blessings it certainly is to hold for each of us & our families. As we are seeking to have this conference be as meaningful for our children as it is to be for all of us parents, we have determined some specific needs we need your help to fill & mutual understandings we need to acknowledge upfront as we finalize plans for all of our children during the conference. Please take the time to read, in its entirety, the following “Expectations for Parents” and the “Message and Expectations for Children” in detail BEFORE you register your children for the conference. Thank you so much for your commitment to your children & willing hearts to be an important part of helping create a beautiful & meaningful experience for all of our children.

Expectations for Parents:
1) We need each family: a mom, dad, or mom & dad – to sign up during ONE adult breakout session, to help in a children’s classroom. Please be prompt for the time you sign up to help. This is very important with as many children as we are anticipating. The moms leading the stations will need 100% involvement & on-time support from each of you. Also, please plan on staying during the entire breakout session time slot.
2) This is a community effort, meaning that WE NEED YOU to help make this the most meaningful learning experience for all of our children, as we are prayerfully seeking & planning for it to be. When you sign up to help, please plan on being 100% present, engaged & involved in the activities & lessons. Please do NOT be on your cell phone during the time you have signed up to help.
3) The lessons, learning experiences, and activities we have planned for all of our children have been created with the intention & purpose of making this a meaningful conference experience for all of our children – not a daycare. Please keep this in mind as you register your child(ren) & show up, on time, to help during the entire duration of your chosen breakout session time slot.
4) Please review the children’s message & expectations (found below) with your child(ren) before the conference. To ensure the best experience for each child, please know that if we have an issue with your child(ren), we will be contacting you during the conference via the cell phone number you provide when you register your child(ren). Please keep your cell phone with you & accessible during the conference so we can reach you at any time, if need be.
5) If your child(ren) has any food sensitivities or allergies, please plan to bring your own snacks for them. We are planning healthy snacks (popcorn and fruit leather) for all of the children, but know there may be needs that are best filled by parents providing their own snacks.
6) Last, but not least, please promptly drop off and pick up your child(ren) at the scheduled times. Please know that those volunteering to help in the children’s classrooms will NOT be able to stay with your children at lunch time or at the end of the day to wait for parents that do not show up on time. We will have an itinerary for you, at the conference, that will give more detail on where your children will be located within the community center.

Thank you, so much, for your understanding & cooperation in helping make this a wonderful conference for all of our precious children & everyone involved. We so very much appreciate each of you & are looking forward to sharing this amazing experience with all of you!!!

Message & Expectations for Children: Parents, please share with your child(ren)
Welcome!!! We are so excited to meet and get to know you. We want you to know that you are loved and cherished, and we are praying for you, individually and collectively, as we prepare for this conference. We are also thrilled to share some fun activities, songs, and learning centered around Joseph Smith, the First Vision, and the Lectures on Faith. In order to accomplish our intentions, we need you to come with open hearts and minds, and be willing and ready to practice patience, understanding, and love for yourself and others. Please follow these few important guidelines while at the conference:

• Respect (appreciate) yourself, others, and property – if you don’t understand what this means, ask your parents.
• Be kind, patient, and cooperate with your fellow conference members.
• Stay with the group you’ve been assigned to (grouping will happen at the conference). If you need to return to your parents or go to the restroom, notify a leader in your group.
• Families will be kept together – you are your brother’s/sister’s keeper. Please help your younger siblings and those around you to follow these guidelines and to have fun!!!

Tentative Schedule

10:00-10:35Bryce Canyon Room (all together – gathering)
• Songs, share, Introduction of theme, grouping – go to group rooms
10:35 – 11:30Bathrooms/water, rules (Children in assigned rooms)
• Joseph Smith game
1:00 – 2:20Joseph Smith Reader’s Theater (Children in assigned rooms)
2:20 – 3:50Music, Lectures on Faith w/lessons, games, activities – Children in assigned room
3:50 – 4:50Bryce Canyon Room (all together) – Share, music rehearsal w/ youth

Registration: Please register your children, ages Mature 5 year olds – 12 year olds below. This will help us to better prepare for children’s activities and to make sure we have enough supplies and snacks on hand for everyone. Again, we ask that each family (mom, dad, or both) that registers their child(ren) to volunteer to help in at least one break-out session of the children’s conference. The time frames, which correspond with the adult break-out sessions, are listed in the registration form. Thank you!!!

Click this link to register: Children’s Registration