Friday there will be a potluck dinner for all of the attendees of the conference who have arrived. The pulled pork, buns, paper products, and water will be provided. Any sides or dishes that those attending would like to bring would be welcome.

Saturday we will provide sandwiches with condiments, chips, apples, and water for lunch free of charge for everyone attending the conference. All paper products will be provided.
There are several restaurants and stores close to the community center for anyone who wishes to get something different for lunch.

We would greatly appreciate a heads up with before the conference so we can more accurately order the food but we do not want anyone who decides at the last minute to come to the conference to worry about participating with everyone at the potluck on Friday or the lunch on Saturday. Come and eat with us. We will make sure there is enough food for everyone who would like to eat.

In order to get an accurate count and have enough food on hand, we have created a page at Be sure to signup for both Friday and Saturday. Click on this link to signup.