Friday, March 20, 2020

8:00 am golf tournament in Sky Mountain Golf Course ( contact Jeff Carter to register 928-595-1324)

The day is free for people to travel, meet, visit places in the So. Utah area. We will have a link with a list of possible places to visit and things to see and do.

5:30 pm Potluck at the Hurricane Recreation Center ( please check out the information on food for the conference for details).

Evening to socialize

Prayer Meeting

Friday evening after dinner Sarah Wright would like to facilitate a prayer meeting for anyone who would like to attend.  There will be a room made available and Sarah will facilitate.  Here is her invitation:

I have often wondered how I can really get to know my fellow covenant holders and those walking the same path as I am, so that they can truly “become precious unto me”; especially those with whom I don’t have regular contact. When our fellowship has come together in sincere and united prayer, I feel that we have been able to see into each other’s minds and hearts as each have voiced their hopes, righteous desires, concerns, and gratitude unto the Lord. I have seen parts of them that I would not have known any other way, and my love for them has grown.

It is my hope through facilitating a prayer meeting, open to all who would like to attend, that we may experience one another in this beautiful way as we voice our hearts to Heavenly Father.

Please bring a cushion or pillow if you wish to kneel.


Remnant Sisters Meeting Facilitated by: Maria Jackson
After Prayer Meeting
Hurricane Recreation Center
Bryce Canyon Room (#129).